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The Grim Reapers Teamspeak3 server  Can use you help as a member of the Fleet all we ask if you can help out by Donating what ever amount you like to help the Fleet with the cost of the server thank you.


Hello fleet mates. It's been sometime and a lot has happened to the fleet's. So here is the 411 on the fleets. The Grim Reapers are working on closing out the military tier for the T5 fleet ships. Plus there are members leaving the fleet's do to the fleet no one chatting in fleet chat but that is because we use a chat channel named GrimReapers. And a 3rd party voice chat server. Now some of you ask why? Will as for the fleet chat only works for the avatar that are in the fleet only, and you see we have two fleet's one is on the FED side of the game and the other is on the KDF side that fleet is named The House of Reapers, so that both fleets can chat in game together the fleet uses a chat channel so that we can chat as one. Plus if you start a new avatar and would like that one in the same fleet it would be very hard to ask for a invite if you can't chat in the fleet chat but if you had the chat channel that work account wide you would be able to. So please I ask that you all add the chat channel to your chat list. As for the 3rd party voice server. In game chat is good and is a help with chatting with one another but it has it's limits. One is it is hard to type to your team when you are trying to fight and when you are typing you have to stop moving. The other is you can only type so much in chat. And yes there is a voice chat in game but it to has it's limits it stops working Dearing loading and can bug out from time to time. So we use a out of game voice server one that works Dearing loading and will not bug the game out. Two you do not have to stop moving or stop running missions so you can type. With the voice chat you can use the power of your voice to get the help or run teams together or just hang out and chat with other gamers about what ever. You may say that I don't have a mic so. Why join it. Will I can tell you from first hand that if it was not for the voice server I would have no clue how to set up my ship or what skills to use etc. And I don't have a Mic just a good set of speakers and sometimes headphones. And my computer is very old this computer was around before I was born, and both the game and the voice sever work. So please if you have not tryed the voice server yet give it a shoot you just may come to like it using it. You can get all the information on the chat channel and the voice server on the message of the day on both fleets. Well that is the end of my post so this is samantha@samantha102011 saying live long and prosper.