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The Grim Reapers Teamspeak3 server  Can use you help as a member of the Fleet all we ask if you can help out by Donating what ever amount you like to help the Fleet with the cost of the server thank you.


Post on 8/30/15
Hello Grim Reapers
here is a FED fleet update. The fleet's push to tier 5 is coming along the fleet's council thinks by the end of september we will be a Tier 5 shipyard and starbase. SO lets keep up the hard work. The last mission in the Season 10.5 Iconian war is coming soon. and then after that the game will move on to the next chapter in the storeline Season 11 New Dawn. Not much has been sayed about N.D. but as we fined it we with try and keeping you all up to date. so stay tone fleet mates but till then have fun and I will see you in game this [email protected] see ya
Posted on 7/20/2015
Hello Fleet Mates

With the Summer event now over. It is time for Season 10.5 Year Of Hell . with this new season we get a brand new Fleet system with a new fleet holding and Fleet Armada. with that here is a Fleet wide Announcement:, As some of you might have seen we have Armada'd both of our fleets with the Fleets. This now means their memebers will be able to donate to us, and vice versa. big thing to come on the way to Tier 5 so stay to fleet mates but till then have fun and I will see you in game this [email protected] see ya
Hello Fleet Mates
It is Summer time again. as you may or may not have seen that the fleet events and over all chatting has slowed down in the past week or two. Well that is do to some of the members are just not playing the game as much. They are out doing real life Summer events like going to parks camping ect. So to the members that are still playing STO there is a cool summer event going on right now and last all summer long. and doing this summer event will get you a cool T6 warship. So check out the Lohlunat Festival on Risa. So see you on the warm beaches of Risa.